8 years after return to India from Pakistan, Geeta appears for class 8 exams; expresses desire for self-reliance

May 21, 2024

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 21 : Geeta, who returned to India from Pakistan, is once again in the headlines. She reached Bhopal on Tuesday to appear for the class 8 examination at Raja Bhoj School, where she gave her first paper in Sanskrit.

Geeta, now 33, who is deaf and mute, learned sign language and her translator, Gajendra Prohit, while speaking with ANI said that she wants to become self-reliant and do a government job.
Through her translator, Geeta said, "I want to become self-reliant and aspire to do a government job and become a senior-level officer. I have learned sign language also. I want to move ahead in life and become an inspiration for many."
Calling her life a struggle, Geeta said that she is very poor, and lives in a hut, and therefore, wants to move ahead in life after studying, she wants her own house."
She added, "My mother is very poor and she lives in a hut. Therefore, my goal is to have a house, for which I started to study and I am continuously studying."
Expressing her happiness after giving her first paper, Geeta said, "Today was my first paper and I was very excited. I studied hard and I believe that I will pass my exams... I am very excited to give my paper.

Elaborating on her future plans, Geeta said she wants to complete her 10th, 12th and college studies and wants to achieve a place for herself in society. "I have given my class 8 exams. I will study for class 10 and 12th. And I will do a part-time job along with my studies. I also want to pursue college education."
Expressing her faith in the government, she said, "I know I am older, but still, I will try my best to reach the highest level. It's my dream to reach one of the highest positions in the government and I have full faith that the government will support me."
Asserting that she wants to inspire and motivate people to move ahead in life, Geeta said, "If I can do so much despite being deaf and mute, then other people can also do that. I think that life should be meaningful and I feel that no matter if I am deaf and mute, I am not behind and the way a common person can move ahead, a deaf and mute person can also move forward. At least I can move forward in the field of studies and do something."
She also remembered Sushma Swaraj and said, "I want to say that Sushma Swaraj was like a mother to me. I miss her a lot. Modi ji is a very good PM. I appeal to him to help me as I struggle with poverty in my life."
Interestingly, due to the efforts of former External Affairs Minister late Sushma Swaraj, deaf and mute Geeta reached Pakistan on October 26, 2015. After returning to India from Pakistan, Geeta lived in Indore for about five years, during which her parents were searched.
Madhya Pradesh State Open School Education Board (Open School) this year, along with Geeta, 33 other deaf and mute women are also being given the opportunity to appear in the examination.
All the facilities provided to disabled students, including Geeta, were provided during the examination. Open School's 8th examination started from May 21 and will continue till May 28.