After PM Modi came to power, era of coalition governments ended: Basavaraj Bommai

Apr 03, 2024

Haveri (Karnataka) [India], April 3 : After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, the era of coalition governments ended and the people decided to have one-party government for the development and safety of the country, said former chief minister and Gadag-Haveri Lok Sabha constituency BJP candidate Basavaraj Bommai.
Addressing an election campaign in Hirekerur Assembly constituency on Wednesday, he said PM Modi has been a focal point in the current election. Usually, the election takes place between two personalities but here it was pro-Modi and against Modi. It was difficult to find a personality like Narendra Modi in the country.
"The political parties that haven't been able to contest in 543 Lok sabha seats were talking about ruling the nation. They have seen the small parties ruling the Bharat but the era of coalition government ended after Modi became the PM. It was good to have one party ruling in the interest of the development and safety of the nation. It is being done by people, he added.
He said that they have to work day and night to win back the confidence of the people. The nation has to face several challenges. Before independence, the rulers were their enemies but in the post-independence period, it was poverty and population which were the prime enemies. The population was considered as the biggest curse but Modi after becoming the PM had used 46 per cent of the young population for the nation's development. This shows the strength of Modi.
Highlighting Dr Manmohan Singh as the weakest PM, Bommai said militancy was at its peak in the country before Modi came to power as they had a weak government and the weakest PM. Dr Manmohan Singh has been a remote-controlled PM and took orders from Sonia Gandhi. Even Rahul Gandhi never respected Dr Singh. Once, Dr Singh wanted to enact a law to bar people facing criminal charges and at that, Rahul was in abroad."
"The copy of the bill was handed over to him on the plane but he tore the copy of the bill brought by his party government. This happened because Rahul had the remote control. The incumbent PM Modi was never in the remote control of anyone but in the control of 130 crore people," further added the former Chief Minister.
He promised to chalk out plans to bring changes in the education and development industry in both the Gadag and Haveri districts. All pending irrigation schemes would be implemented. People must vote for the BJP to strengthen the hands of Modi.
Bommai later described former minister BC Patil as three in one, a police officer, a cinema actor and a politician. "This was not an easy job. Even out of power, he went to jail to protect the interests of farmers," he added.
Karnataka, which has 28 Lok Sabha seats, will vote in two phases on April 26 and May 7.
The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will be held in seven phases, starting on April 19. The counting of votes is on June 4.