Al Ain Zoo celebrates World Children's Day with exciting experiences

Nov 21, 2023

Al Ain [UAE], November (ANI/WAM) November 21: Al Ain Zoo is commemorating World Children's Day, observed annually on 20th November, by offering diverse interactive and captivating activities designed specifically for kids.
The zoo has curated an engaging and educational experience through its Children's Discovery Garden, fostering curiosity and learning by stimulating various senses in designated areas. Notably, the garden features a water play area with dynamic movement formations.
Within this celebration, children can explore the fossils area, unveiling remnants of extinct animals. Furthermore, there are interactive game areas, a dirt play area, and motor skills games to enhance physical development in young visitors.
Al Ain Zoo's commitment to inclusivity extends to its children's zoo, where youngsters can partake in diverse activities such as riding miniature horses (ponies) and camels. The experience also involves bird feeding sessions, providing valuable insights into various animals, their characteristics, and direct interaction opportunities with species like rabbits, peacocks, and many others. (ANI/WAM)