Charles Leclerc defends Ferrari's strategy at Monaco GP 2023

May 30, 2023

Monte Carlo [Monaco], May 30 : Ferrari's Charles Leclerc has defended his team's decision to switch from dry to intermediate tyres seemingly late in the race when the rain poured in the streets of Monaco.
Ferrari's strategies have been questioned in the past as in many instances they have jeopardized their chances of winning due to bad planning.
With 25 laps to go, the rain started pouring in the streets of Monaco causing some chaos as race leader Max Verstappen nudged the wall and Lance Stroll hit the barriers twice and ultimately had to retire.
Due to Ferrari's decision to change to intermediate tyres seemingly late in the race, both the drivers, Leclerc and Sainz lost any chance for the podium. Leclerc finished sixth while his teammate Carlos Sainz finished eighth.
As per Sky Sports, Leclerc stated that although they have made mistakes in the past, the decision to change tyres late in the race was not one of them.
"We have done mistakes on strategy in the past. I don't think this was a mistake, In those conditions, you have more probability of having a safety car with so many cars on slicks in the rain." Leclerc said as per Sky Sports.
"So we were waiting for a safety car by someone making a mistake. That didn't happen and that's it. With the benefit of hindsight, stopping before was the right decision," he added.
Leclerc currently stands at seventh with 42 points in the 2023 Driver Standings, while his teammate Sainz stands at sixth position with 48 points.