China's Covid policy makes life tough for Tibetans: Report

Jan 27, 2023

Lhasa [Tibet], January 27 : The COVID-19 pandemic has made life tough for the Tibetans. The Chinese government's Covid policy has led to harsh, unjustified measures which seriously endanger the lives of the Tibetan people, Tibet Press reported.
The Covid outbreak in Tibet started on August 7, 2022, and it was followed by sudden lockdowns.
As a result of the outbreak, China barred journalists and other observers from entering Tibet in order to assess the gravity of the situation there and to learn more about it.
According to Tibet Press, the only source of information was the Chinese media, which is definitely the most biased channel because it totally complies with the government's intentions.
The Chinese government made sure to emphasise that the outbreak originated in the Tibetan region and that it appeared to be the third-generation sub-variant of Omicron. They even went so far as to say that the specific variety had not yet been seen in China.
Covid-related deaths in Tibet have risen after the Chinese government in early December, abandoned its zero-Covid policy.
Chinese authorities in Tibet are clamping down on taking of photos or video recordings at local cemeteries in a bid to keep news of rising Covid deaths in the region from reaching the outside world, Radio Free Asia has learned, according to Tibet Press.
Between 15 to 20 bodies are now transported daily to a cemetery in the Tibetan Autonomous Region's Drigung and to other cemeteries in the city of Lhasa, according to local sources.
According to sources, the Chinese government has imposed strong restrictions around the cemeteries in Lhasa and people are not permitted to record or share recordings or photos of the scenes in graves.
The Tibet Press recently reported that Tibetans are not allowed to use medical facilities, and the entire problem is being handled behind closed doors without anyone in the outside world knowing. Tibetans endure unending suffering and death at the hands of ruthless Chinese rule, as well as the current Covid pandemic.
Due to the current restrictions on access to hospitals and other medical facilities, four individuals, including two local government workers, perished on January 7 in Dragyab county, Chamdo prefecture, according to sources who spoke to Radio Free Asia (RFA).
Additionally, according to some sources, dead are reportedly being transported in huge numbers from nearby districts to the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy in Serta county, Sichuan, for cremation.
In addition, the Chinese government has reopened Tibet to tourists from other parts of China. Officials in Lhasa have announced free entrance to the city's tourist sites.