"Congress will do nothing like what you did in 2016:" Shiv Sena's (UBT) Anand Dubey attacks PM Modi

Apr 22, 2024

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], April 22 : Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Anand Dubey on Monday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent election speech in Rajasthan in which he declared that if Congress won the 2024 general election would distribute people's wealth among Muslims.
Dubey raked up PM Narendra Modi's decision of demonetisation to state that Congress in Rajasthan will not do anything that would lead to the distribution or snatching of wealth.
Speaking to ANI, Anand Dubey said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has nothing to say in his speeches during the election campaigns. He is not able to talk about a single work they have done during 10 years of government and that is why he is making such statements so that he gains some benefits."
Dubey said, "The way they are threatening the women in Rajasthan that if Congress comes in power, they will take your jewellery, they will take away your land, will distribute your property among people! Honourable PM, Congress will do nothing like what you did in 2016."
Slamming PM Modi's decision of demonetisation, Dubey said, "You brought demonetization, you made our mothers and sisters stand in queue to change the notes and whatever money they had saved for their bad times, you took them all out by saying that it is black money. So, in a way, you did the work of distributing their wealth, and tried to snatch it. Congress will do nothing like that."
On Sunday, PM Narendra Modi while in Rajasthan's Banswara attacked the Congress party and referred ro reports about the party's intention to redistribute wealth if elected to power. He said that the party would conduct a survey and they wouldn't even let Mangalsutra remain with women and "will go to this extent."
"Our tribal families have silver, that will be evaluated... How much property government employees have, money, jobs, that will be probed. Not only this, they have said that the gold that the sisters have, and any other property, will be distributed equally. Is it acceptable to you? Does the government have a right to snatch your property? Does the government have the right to take the wealth built by you with your hard work?" PM Modi had asked during the rally in Rajasthan on Sunday.
The Shiv Sena (UBT) leader also criticised the Prime Minister for not talking main issues of development. "Talk about the issues of development. Talk about the youth, farmers, unemployment, inflation, How can you say that if Congress comes to power they take away all the properties of the women?"
The next phase of voting in Rajasthan in 13 seats will be held on April 26 in the second phase of the ongoing Lok Sabha polls. In the first phase, voting was held on April 19 on 12 seats.