Eva Mendes pays tribute to older brother Carlos Mendez who died 8 years ago

Apr 03, 2024

Washington [US], April 3 : Actor Eva Mendes paid tribute to her late brother Carlos Mendez who passed away in 2016 at the age of 53, following a battle with cancer, reported People.
Eva, 50, posted a touching Instagram post on the anniversary of what would have been Carlos' 61st birth anniversary.
"My mood today... captured by the coolest, Teri Garr. I post her because it's my brother's heavenly birthday today and he LOVED her. You can tell a lot by a person on who they crush on, looking back I didn't appreciate it, he was my annoying older brother, but now I realize he was cooler than I thought. It was me who didn't get it..." Mendes wrote.
Their younger brother, Carlo Mendez, 46, commented on the post, "I still can't believe it, it's gonna be 8 years since he passed. Unreal."
The mom of two shared that she has a "complicated relationship" with the month of April.
"Oh April... I have such a complicated relationship with you," wrote Mendes. "Tomorrow would have been my brother's birthday.....in a couple of weeks from now is the day we lost him...but then, at the end of April we got the biggest blessing of all, my little girl was born 8 years ago. I hate you April. But I love you more," wrote Mendes on Instagram on Tuesday.
Mendes previously spoke with People about the timing of her brother's death and the delivery of her second baby, describing it as a "tough" circumstance.
"It's so tough," she said in November 2019. "Thank God I had my baby; it was a week after he passed. So there was something to move forward. There was poetry to it all."
She expressed that one of her "favourite memories" with her brother included spending time together during the holidays.
"My favorite memories are when he used to, at Thanksgiving or a big dinner or Christmas dinner, roast everybody -- but roast you hard. Of course, I miss him incredibly, and that's an understatement, but I'm holding on to that tradition," said Mendes.
"I'm so happy that he gave me that," she continued. "I don't think I could carry it on the way he did, but those are some fun memories because he would really get raw," reported People.