Former DRDO Chairman and Technical Advisor to Defence Minister G Satish Reddy joins "Green India Challenge"

Sep 27, 2023

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], September 27 :  India's eminent Scientist, and Technical Advisor to Defence Minister  G Satish Reddy participated in Green India Challenge in Hyderabad on Tuesday.
Accompanied by Green India Challenge founder and Rajya Sabha MP Santosh Kumar, defence Scientist  Satish Reddy planted saplings at Doctors Scientist Hostel in Secunderabad.

G Satish Reddy said "Pollution is the most dangerous substance in this world today. Plastic and pollution emitted from the vehicles are playing a big havoc to the Earth. A situation has arisen where lakhs of crores are pumped into the research to free the world from pollution. The alarming situation has led to admitting of one person from every house to the hospital for medical treatment."
"Pollution is not only damaging natural resources like Air and Water but also ruined every aspect of everyone's life. The prevailed situation forced to spend Billions of Dollars to discover livable places on other planets. The only solution to address the increasing pollution is massive plantation and create awareness on environment" he added. 
G Satish Reddy also congratulated Rajya Sabha MP Santosh Kumar for the nationwide plantation programme through Green India Challenge. 
He said "My heartfelt congratulations to Santosh Kumar for taking up such a big task of nationwide plantation programme through Green India Challenge. It is every one's responsibility to join and make Santhosh Kumar's endeavour for Green India a big success."
Santosh Kumar said "It is a delightful moment that Satish Reddy, who made India proud in science and technology in defence sector, joined Green India Challenge and planted saplings. Satish Reddy's inspirational words will definitely encourage many to take part in the plantation programme.
Green India Challenge founder members Raghava, Karnakar Reddy and other scientists participated in this programme.