'Future Engineer Camp 2' launched to equip students with necessary technical skills

Jul 11, 2024

Dubai [UAE], July 11 (ANI/WAM): The Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA) has launched the "Future Engineer Camp 2" at the Sharjah Archaeology Museum in the Halwan area.
Running until 17th July, the camp serves as a model of social responsibility and an ideal platform for preparing students aged 12 to 14 for a promising professional future by equipping them with the necessary technical skills.
The camp offers a variety of activities and programmes designed to make productive use of their leisure time, develop their skills, ensure they enjoy their summer break, and foster their innovative abilities in the field of energy. Students will be introduced to sustainable and renewable energy sources, conservation methods and behaviours, and safety procedures in energy use.
Rashid Al Marzouqi, Director of the Corporate Communications Department, explained that developing students' skills at this age helps nurture them to make environmentally sound decisions and invest their time productively.
He highlighted that the camp includes an educational workshop entitled "How Does Electricity Reach Us?" that explains the stages of electricity production and generation. Another workshop, "Water is the Backbone of Life," will explore water production and distribution stages. Finally, a scientific and technical workshop entitled "Conservation in Our Lives" will explain methods for optimal water use.
Al Marzouqi added that SEWA endeavours to organise a series of specialised activities each year to develop students' skills and knowledge. SEWA seeks to expand their knowledge in an enjoyable summer atmosphere, aligning with its efforts to raise awareness of the importance of optimal energy and water use. (ANI/WAM)