Hazra Park Durgotsab plans unique Braille Board pandal for visually impaired

Sep 23, 2022

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], September 23 : The Hazra Park Durgotsab here has come up with a unique thought for preparing a Durga Puja pandal for the people who cannot visit here because of their loss of vision.
The unique puja pandal has a Braille Board with which these specially-abled people can grasp the look of the pedal by touching and feeling it, without asking for other's help.

According to the president of the Hazra Park state minister Sovhandeb Chatterjee the Braille display stand will be placed at the gate for the convenience of the specially-abled people.
"Many times it happens that because of their problem of not being able to see, these people are left at home and thus they cannot feel the Puja Pandal themes. This initiative to set a Durga Puja Pandal with Braille Board is decided in collaboration with the National Institute of Professionals (NIP).
This year, Durga Puja is completing 80 years and it is usually done by the people of backward classes, General Secretary Sayandeb Chatterjee informed.
The General Secretary further informed, "We have choosen the theme "Tandav" as we face tandav in many aspects of life daily in the form of nature or religion."
"The Industrial and Media Tandav is showcased here and how we find peace after reaching Maa Durga. Several other aspects of life are also shown through this Puja Pandal," he added.

"It is a special pandal, especially for specially-abled people. This is a nice initiative where visionless people can also visit Pandal and feel and enjoy Durga Puja through Braille," said visually impaired Manali Mandal.