Hosting a Holi 2023 party? Here's how to ace the colour theme

Mar 08, 2023

New Delhi [India], March 8 : On the occasion of Holi people celebrate the festival with their loved ones. It's a time when old t-shirts and ripped jeans, which were tucked away in a corner of the cupboard, are eagerly waiting to be taken out and drenched in the vibrant shades of gulal.
Whether you are planning for a full-blown extravaganza at an outdoor staycation or an intimate terrace party with your closest ones, here are some of the tips to help you ace your holiday as well as a 'Holi'day party. It's time to load up those water balloons and pichkaris... Bring it on...
Put together a stylish invite

Not only is having a guest list essential in helping you plan the budget, location, and other arrangements for your bash; a thoughtful invite can also help you set the tone for a truly joyous celebration. Propose a colour-based dress code to indulge your guests' creative side as you amp up the excitement for a day full of playful madness.
Ace the ambience for a colourful celebration

This Holi, double down on the vibrant vibe of the festival with decor in bright hues that everyone remembers. Simple additions like colourful cushions or fragrant flower arrangements can instantly lighten the ambience by making your space pop out in dazzling tones. For a more inclusive and wholesome experience, don't hesitate to go the extra mile to celebrate the day with organic substitutes for gulaal from readily available ingredients like haldi or store-bought variants of flower-based colours.
Set up a refreshments corner to energize your guests

A refreshments corner stocked with an assortment of Indian mithais and refreshing thandais can make you a perfect host as holi is incomplete without some mouth-licking foods. If you want to make your guests feel special, make some homemade drinks and snacks which have a touch of your own.
Tune in to a brighter celebration with thematic music and games

The right music and activities can really be the moodsetter of the party. Whether your Holi anthem is Baalam Pichkari or Cheap Thrills, load up your playlist with a mixed bag of festive hits that will surely be crowd-pleasers. For guests who like to avoid getting messy, holi-themed games would make for a great addition to the day. A simple game of find the coin where guests have to hunt for a coin in coloured water or a light-hearted round of pop balloons can make for exciting icebreakers for your guests as well.
Holi is a celebration of liveliness, joy and, of course, familial ties and close bonds. Make it a memorable one.