How a project can become successful? Riddhi Dogra shares her views

May 31, 2023

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 31: With 'Asur', actor Riddhi Dogra left fans in awe of her acting. As the show returns for its second season, the versatile artiste reflected on the evolving consumption patterns of content today.
"The reason a show like Asur has worked is because the writer and the director were convinced that they were catering to an intelligent audience. They knew that a well written and finely shot content will not go in vain. With this kind of a riveting and thought-provoking narrative they are wanting audiences to immerse themselves and work your mind solving the well-knit mystery. This approach not only compliments the viewers but also activates their minds, offering a gratifying experience," she said.
With content being one of the major keys to the success of any film or show, Riddhi shed a light on the rise of demand in effortless writing that focuses on substance.
"Gaurav, the writer and Oni, the director, they want you to use the intelligent part of your brain. They want you to sit there and be one with the story, discovering the unpredictability of it. By engaging the audience's intellect, viewers become active participants rather than passive spectators, making the viewing experience all the more gratifying."
Jio Cinema's show 'Asur' also stars Barun Sobti and Arshad Warsi.