Hyderabad Police in collaboration with education department launch holistic initiative for Drug-Free city

Mar 03, 2024

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], March 3 : Hyderabad Police in collaboration with the education department and Hyderabad City Security Council (HCSC) launched a holistic initiative for Drug-Free Hyderabad on Sunday.
Commisioner of Police, Hyderabad Kothakota Sreenivasa Reddy said, "Drug is a big menace. Drug network is so wide that it affects the entire nation. The illegal proceeds land in the hands of the terrorists who disrupt the democratic set-up all over the world. In schools, we focus on teaching people the regular curriculum but forget what stress student undergoes. We have to monitor students for sudden behavioural changes. Schools have to take the responsibility."
He further said that people who are in the drug market are ready to latch on to these kinds of people who are dealing with stress and make them targets.
"Every school should have anti-drug committees. They should own responsibility for activities inside as well as outside the campus," he added.
The holistic program aims to educate schools and students about the profound impact of drugs, instil essential life skills, and cultivate drug resistance in their minds. The event was held at the Auditorium, Integrated Police Command & Control Centre, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.