"If PM Modi returns to power, elections will be replaced with selections": Tripura LoP

Apr 03, 2024

Agartala (Tripura ) [India], April 3 : Tripura Leader of Opposition Jitendra Choudhury on Wednesday said that if BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi returns to power in 2024, the "democratic process of elections shall be replaced by selections".
The senior CPI(M)leader was interacting with media persons on the sidelines of a joint meeting of the eight political parties that constitute the INDIA bloc in Tripura.
Citing the example of the Village Committees under Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council area where polls have been pending for the last three and half years, the CPIM lawmaker said, "In the absence of the elected committees, all the financial operations, transfer of benefits and management of the funds taking place in those village committee that are equivalent to Panchayat in the sixth schedule area have been taken over by the Mandal (BJP's organizational unit for an assembly constituency) leaders. Even in the Panchayats where an elected board exists, interference of Mandal could not be ruled out. Instead of the elected representatives, a section of selective leaders are running the show."
Choudhury also claimed that during the last Panchayat elections, the BJP won 96 per cent of the rural bodies uncontested.
Expressing his apprehension, Choudhury said, "This why I see these elections as the last elections. If Modi becomes the Prime Minister once again, this Mandal raaj will gain further momentum and all democratic institutions will be dismantled. Selective representatives would start assuming public offices. If Modi returns to power, elections will be replaced with selections."
On being asked about the Tipra Motha Party founded by royal scion Pradyot Kishore Debbarman, the CPIM leader claimed that there was no internal democracy in that party.
"Only a handful of leaders are taking all the decisions. They have no regard for the sentiments of the people who had shown such spontaneous support to the party in the last assembly elections. In the wake of CAA protests in Tripura which marked the genesis of Tipra Motha Party, the founder of the party was a vocal critique of the then Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb. In contrast to his previous stand, we saw him hailing Deb as one of his closest friends in the nomination submission rally held at Agartala. The main ideology of the party is to stay in power by any means," Choudhury alleged.
Taking over from him, Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman who was also present at the meeting asserted that the political flip-flops staged by the Tipra Motha founder made him a best fit for the term 'Mahajan' instead of 'Maharaj'.
"Everybody knows on what ground he secured a ticket for his sister. Everybody is aware of that. He had sold out the Tiprasa people and the love and affection his followers bestowed upon him," claimed Barman.