Israel offers new guide for protecting oneself from digital surveillance

Apr 03, 2024

Tel Aviv [Israel], April 3 (ANI/TPS): Israel's National Cyber Directorate and the Michal Sela Forum published a "first-of-its-kind" guide for preventing digital surveillance and control called "Firewall."
"Firewall" offers a series of recommendations to reduce digital surveillance and control. The guide contains simple tools to implement to secure the smartphone, the applications and the computer and is intended for spouses who fear that their spouse is trying to track or invade their privacy through digital means.
According to the Michal Sela forum, one of the five warning signs in a relationship is "obsession" which sometimes manifests itself in technological violence.
Women who live with a jealous and obsessive partner experience a fatal violation of their privacy and attempts to control every area of their lives, even after the separation. Digital and technological means are another tool for exercising extreme terrorism and violence in relationships, manifested for example in snooping on cell phones, recording conversations, spying on physical location, reading and deleting messages, tracking browsing history, monitoring cell phone calls, and more. (ANI/TPS)