Israeli relaxes regulations on civilians using drones to defend towns

Dec 10, 2023

Tel Aviv [Israel], December 11 (ANI/TPS): Israel's Civil Aviation Authority released new instructions regarding the protection of Israeli towns with the help of UAVs (drones).
The authority explained that at the beginning of the war in Gaza, and out of a "desire to provide an orderly and safety response in Israel's air traffic control area to the need to protect settlements with the help of UAVs," it issued an air traffic instruction, according to which any UAV pilot who wishes to operate as part of the defense of a town ( even without a pilot's permit and registration of the aircraft), will be able to do this by digitally connecting to the UAV control center established in Tel Aviv.
The authority explained that "bearing in mind the significant change that has taken place in the security situation in the State of Israel since 07/10/2023" it believes that there is "no longer any material impediment to the fact that the pilots will be prepared to complete the legal obligations applicable to them in operating a UAV (registering the aircraft and obtaining a pilot's permit)."
This is a temporary exemption valid only until December 22, 2023. After that, any person who is interested in flying a UAV in order to maintain a settlement will be required to comply with all the instructions according to the Aviation Law applicable to the operation of the UAV, including the matter of the registration of the aircraft and the pilot's license. (ANI/TPS)