James Milner wants to get into the habit of winning trophies

Aug 13, 2019

Liverpool [UK], Aug 13 : Ahead of the UEFA Super Cup clash, Liverpool's James Milner said he wants to get into the habit of winning trophies.
"I think [it's] very important - I think you want to get in[to] that habit of winning trophies. I think the Super Cup's a special trophy to win because you've got to win a big trophy to get there as well, so I think it's important," the club's official website quoted Milner as saying.
Liverpool had a brilliant start in the Premier League as they registered a massive 4-1 victory over Norwich City on August 10.
Milner said if they win Super Cup, it will be a good way to start the season.
"[We're] Playing against another top team, another English team, obviously, again. I think it's a good way to start the season if you can win a trophy and it's more silverware for the club if you can do that," he said.
Liverpool will compete against Chelsea for the UEFA Super Cup clash in Istanbul on Thursday.