MEA, Meity and CSC sign MoU to provide e-migration services through common service centers

May 29, 2024

New Delhi [India], May 29 : Considering major issues faced by migrant workers in emigration process, three government bodies came together to create a synergy to provide the eMigrate services through Common Services Centres (CSCs) across the country.
Ministry External Affairs (MEA), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), and CSC eGovernance Services India Limited have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a synergy between CSC SPV and MEA to provide the eMigrate services through CSCs.
The MoU was signed with the intention of broadening safe and legal migration pathways, specifically to guard against unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of Indian nationals seeking work abroad, the release added.
The CSCs are frontend services delivery points for the delivery of digital services to the citizens, especially in the rural and remote areas across the country. Currently, more than 5.50 lakh CSCs are delivering more than 700 digital services to citizens in assisted mode with enhanced ease and convenience, according to the official data.
e-Migrate project, launched in 2015, is designed to facilitate emigration of Emigration Check is Required (ECR) category workers emigrating to notified countries for employment purposes. This portal helps in making the recruitment of workers a smooth process and mitigates the scope of malpractices.
The portal provides for a contactless and paperless process for FEs (Foreign Employers) and RAs as a fully digitized B-2-B platform to conduct recruitment process.
The goal of the eMigrate project is to support blue-collar workers who are travelling to countries where an emigration check is required (ECR).
The portal also provides a comprehensive and online database of emigrants to Missions, RAs, FEs and insurance agencies to make the whole emigration cycle faster, transparent and allows authentication/verification of the credentials of all the stakeholders, according to a document of Ministry of External Affairs.
A release issued by Ministry of Electronics and IT noted that number of of Indians going abroad for employment has been increasing as well as the contribution of remittances sent by them has been significant.