"Only blind eyes could ignore genocidal nature": Italian Senator condemns China's severe human rights violation of Uyghurs

May 05, 2024

Munich [Germany], May 5 : Italian Senator, Giulio Terzi addressed an event held to mark the 20th anniversary of the World Uyghur Congress, a Uyghur rights advocacy organization and expressed his deepest concerns and support for the struggle of Uyghurs against the oppressions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in East Turkistan.
In his virtual statement at the WUC event, the Italian senator and the former minister of foreign affairs said, "I will never stop condemning the criminal actions of the CCP carried out in Xinjiang and the Turckic region. Only blind eyes could ignore the genocidal nature of adhering to the Chinese policies of the Uyghur identity, culture, and region. Forced labour, re-education, and eradication camps, illegal abduction of people, families, and children, destruction of mosques, and prohibition of expressing one's faith. I am afraid that these are the realities of the regime."
The Italian senator said that the Chinese government does not offer any freedom of association and protection of Uyghurs rights.
"There is no surprise in seeing, that China has never complied with the forced labour convention. And has a total disregard for the rules and norms which constitute the fundamental pillars of the international community. The CCP rules upon the ideology aimed at suppressing all workers' rights. Nowadays it is focused on enslaving and exploiting millions of Uyghur workers ensuring even higher profits," he added.
He also asserted that the Uyghur's condition has now worsened due to the denial of religious freedom and are living under the pressure of dictatorship.
The Italian lawmaker further stated "The conditions of the Uyghurs are now worsened because of the denial of freedom for religion. There is no room for any faith in China other than communist beliefs. Many voices are asking to be heard by the world, who live under the pressure of dictatorship unable to freely express their identities, their religion, and their culture. Europe is now becoming more and more aware of the urges of the Uyghur population."
Several other politicians and social activists like Damon Wilson President of the National Endowment for Democracy, Thomas R Suozzi a US lawmaker representing New York, Keiji Furuya Member of the Japanese parliament, Sameer Zuberi Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Diversity Canada and Omer Executive Director of the Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) attended the event expressing similar views over china's oppressive regime and its expansionist policies.