Pak: Parvez Elahi denies deal rumours, vows support for PTI founder Imran Khan

Jun 25, 2024

Lahore [Pakistan], June 25 : Parvez Elahi, President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), reaffirmed his steadfast support for party founder Imran Khan, as reported by ARY News.
Addressing the speculation surrounding a purported deal, the former Punjab chief minister clarified his stance, stating that he remains firmly aligned with Imran Khan and debunking any claims of negotiations with authorities.
Elahi pointedly refuted the rumours, attributing their spread to certain relatives, including Mohsin Naqvi, whom he mentioned by name.
Emphasising his commitment to PTI, Elahi highlighted his personal sacrifices for the party, including enduring periods of incarceration. He issued a stern warning to those attempting to sow discord within PTI, asserting their efforts would ultimately fail, and confidently predicted the party's imminent return to power, as reported by ARY News.
Elahi further called for accountability from those responsible for electoral malpractice, demanding they publicly apologise to the nation for undermining the democratic process.
The statement follows Elahi's recent release from Kot Lakhpat Jail, where he had been detained for several months. The Lahore High Court granted him bail in a case related to alleged illegal appointments in the Punjab Assembly, a decision delivered by Justice Sultan Tanveer Ahmad after earlier reserved verdicts.
Expressing gratitude upon his release, Elahi thanked his supporters for their unwavering loyalty during his legal challenges. He credited his resilience to divine strength and acknowledged the judiciary for upholding justice in his case.
Elahi's legal troubles stemmed from accusations of facilitating illegal appointments within the Punjab Assembly, specifically involving 12 purportedly unauthorised placements of Grade 17 officers. The charges included claims of manipulating records and employing fraudulent testing services to benefit favoured candidates.
Initially arrested on June 3 last year, Elahi faced subsequent detentions related to additional corruption allegations. Despite legal manoeuvres attempting to challenge his judicial remand, Elahi remained resolute throughout the legal proceedings.
As he returned to his residence after his release, Elahi expressed optimism for PTI's future and reiterated his support for Imran Khan's leadership, ARY News reported.