Punjab govt announces Compressed Bio-Gas project in Hoshiarpur district

Sep 27, 2023

Hoshiarpur (Punjab) [India], September 27 : The Punjab government has launched a Rs 140-crore Compressed Bio-Gas (CBG) project in the Hoshiarpur district to boost affordable, clean, and sustainable energy solutions, reported Khalsa Vox.  
Punjab’s New and Renewable Energy Sources Minister, Aman Arora announced the project, adding that the project will be spearheaded by the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA). 
Moreover, the project will boast a colossal daily production capacity exceeding 20 tons of CBG and is scheduled to operate on a full scale by December, according to Khalsa Vox. 
Aman Arora further detailed the project and noted that the project's epicentre will be the Baroti village located in Hoshiarpur district. 
Approximately 40 acres have been set aside for the establishment of this massive CBG plant. The facility, however, will annually consume 49350 metric tonnes of agricultural residues, industrial and municipal waste, and press mud, while concurrently churning out an impressive 91 tons of bio-manure daily as a valuable by-product, Khalsa Vox reported. 
Moreover, to boost livelihood opportunities, the project also promised to be a catalyst for employment generation, directly or indirectly offering livelihood opportunities to 200 individuals.
Highlighting the project's vision, Aman Arora said that the Punjab government is steadfastly committed to amplifying the availability of cost-effective green energy. 
Meanwhile, it also seeks to harness the unused potential of agricultural residues, cattle dung and municipal solid waste while strengthening farmers' income flow, reported Khalsa Vox. 
The multi-pronged project aims to fuel comprehensive development across the state along with boosting economic growth. 
It marks a victory for both sustainability and prosperity on the vibrant shades of Punjab, reported Khalsa Vox.