Purefuel Energy is launching 1000 fully compliant bio diesel retail fuel stations in the next 1 year in India

Nov 19, 2021

New Delhi [India], November 19 (ANI/SRV): India is one of the countries with a very high price of diesel which results in spending way too much on car maintenance.
Therefore, it is important to find an alternative to diesel that will be comparatively cheaper in price but possess the same attributes as diesel.
The subject of fossil fuels and the disadvantages of continuously using them has been a heated topic for years and a lot of research work was conducted to develop a pollution-less alternative to fuel. The latest price rise of Diesel has added a lot to the debate.
Purefuel Energy, a company conducting Research and Development on BioDiesel for many years, has now entered the Retail Bio Diesel Fuel Station space in India. After conducting a series of researches over the years, Biodiesel is now known as the legitimate alternative to fossils that can be used to run vehicles. The company's vision, in line with the Govt. of India's Green Energy Mission, is to make Biodiesel easily available.
Purefuel Energy works closely with the Government Authorities in achieving the Government of India's vision to make India less dependent on fuel imports and in reducing the country's carbon footprint. Biodiesel Retail Outlets will be Purefuel's first step towards accomplishing this vision. Purefuel's major objectives are creating breakthroughs and establishing itself across India in the development and management of the Retail Ecosystem in Bio-Diesel distribution. It is also understood that this project could be a major success with the right amount of research and strategic planning.
Bipin Kumar, the Managing Director of Purefuel Energy, planned their journey to the Indian customers with utmost dedication in order to gain their trust towards the new substitute and its various aspects, through which Biodiesel can help in saving money and uphold the nation. The most important part is how India's economy can be saved through the usage of biodiesel along with the high quality it serves. The company believes a revolution in the Retailing of the Biodiesel segment is not possible without having both - the reach and the quality confidence in the minds of the consumers. Purefuel Energy is also determined to keep a check on the quality of the product in order to ensure that the quality standards match with the government-affiliated quality standards.
The Managing Director of the company Bipin Kumar says, "Consistent use of high-quality Biodiesel is also going to contribute to a safer and greener India, a country which holds the second-largest position in the world in terms of population."
Currently Purefuel is accepting very limited Invitations and Bids for New Biodiesel Dealerships and is looking to work with partners and a selected group of investors who are passionate for Biodiesel and believe in doing good and value-driven business. Each Purefuel Retail Outlet costs approximately Rs. 75-100 Lakhs per Dealership - and is one the most advanced Retail Bio Diesel Outlets in India. Purefuel Energy also gives the Highest Margins in the Fuel industry, making it one of the highest in demand Private Retail Outlet chains of India. The company currently has a waiting of 6 Months for New Dealership's Applications for India.
Purefuel's Visionary Director Bipin Kumar has set a goal of reaching the country's population and believes that it can be achieved by establishing their product at a large number of retailing and mobile fueling outlets at top transport hubs, roadways, and National highways of India. The well-experienced team of 50 officials in the company have been working on the multiple factors involved in the planning and decision-making behind establishing such fueling outlets to suffice the retail as well as B2B needs of India.
According to the Finance Director and company Spokesperson Miten Shah, "Purefuel's Retail Bio Diesel stations will be India's Most Advanced Fuel Stations, designed with German Technology and we shall sell only B-100 Govt. of India approved Bio-Diesel."
India is one of the largest interstate and intercity transport hubs of the world but even with such a large transport network, it is not backed by any alternative to fossil transport fuel that is petrol and diesel. Looking at this factor, the Government of India, in its Bio Diesel Policy of 2018 has clearly jotted down its aim to promote a substitute to fossil fuels by Domestic Biodiesel. As stated by the company's Technical Director Bikash Paswan "This mega push by the government in the policy along with mandatory blending use of Biodiesel made us believe even more in the future of Bio Diesel in India." This prompted the priority of Purefuel Energy as it aspires to contribute to National Energy Security and Climate Change mitigation including the Paris Agreement at its core and also provide employment opportunities in a sustainable manner.
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