Qwatt Technologies launches Revolutionary Multi-Programmable 4 output Time Switch - automates Signboard Lighting and Industrial Equipment Operations

Jul 12, 2023

New Delhi [India], July 12: Qwatt Technologies, one of the leading automatic time switch brand launches its ground-breaking new product: a cutting-edge time switch equipped with advanced technology that allows for multi-programmability and offers four output options, that enables to connect multiple equipment in a single time switches with individual time setting option. While Qwatt's primary focus has been on automating signage lighting, this new time switch takes automation to the next level, providing automation capabilities for a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment. By enabling pre-set scheduling, this innovative technology not only enhances branding efforts but also leads to substantial power savings.
The introduction of this time switch has far-reaching implications across various sectors, including banking, petroleum, automotive, retail, FMCG, NBFC, airports, manufacturing industries, outdoor streetlight projects, hotel and service industry, stadiums, and railway stations. With options to automate multiple devices and various time settings, Qwatt's time switch addresses the long-standing challenge of implementing automation in these industries, often hindered by cost constraints.
Prominent companies in the banking, NBFC, and automotive sectors have already embraced Qwatt's existing range of time switches nationwide to automate the operation of electrical and electronic equipment such as signboards and ATM air conditioners. Traditionally, the operation of such equipment relied heavily on manual intervention, usually assigned to the last employee leaving the premises or the first employee arriving in the morning, especially in the case of signboards. However, this manual approach is prone to oversights, resulting in unnecessary lighting during daylight hours or diminished brand visibility due to failure to activate at the appropriate time. Inefficient signboard lighting significantly impacts energy efficiency in commercial properties, leading to inflated operational costs. India, in particular, faces the dual challenge of meeting increasing power demands while striving for sustainable energy practices.

Qwatt's revolutionary solution addresses these challenges head-on, backed by an impressive 5-year warranty, and features such as multiple programmable timings, protection against voltage fluctuation and surge, easy installation and user interface, extended asset lifespan, and minimal maintenance requirements. This expanded scope empowers businesses to leverage Qwatt's innovative automation solution across various facets of their operations.
Existing time switches in India suffer from several limitations that impede efficient operation and customer satisfaction. These drawbacks include automatically resetting to the company's default timing in the event of a power failure, short warranty periods of just one year, inadequate after-sales services and support networks, inability to connect multiple devices with different timings, complex user interfaces, and limited market presence. These challenges hamper the functionality, reliability, and user experience of time switches in India. Qwatt's solution has been specifically designed to be user-friendly and compatible with a wide range of equipment, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructures.
To ensure widespread accessibility and support across India, Qwatt has established an extensive network of distributors and a dedicated sales team. These experts are readily available to assist businesses in implementing Qwatt's automation solution, enabling them to experience the benefits of streamlined operations and reduced power consumption.
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