Raksha Bandhan: You can have these delicious treats on the menu this year!

Aug 11, 2022

New Delhi [India], August 11 : Any festival in India is known across the globe for its rituals, grand gestures that people make on the occasion, and of course, the food! Raksha Bandhan is also the same and how can we talk about one of the most loved festivals and not mention food?
Well, We're sure a lot of you are confused about what to put on the menu and so we curated a list of Indian delicacies that can make it to your dining table this year! Take a look.
1. Chola Kulcha

Undoubtedly, North India's favourite street food, 'kulchas' are best paired with 'Pindi Choley'! And how can we not have it on the menu on Raksha Bandhan? Some people love 'Choley' with 'bhaturey', some people like it with rice, but if you've had good, fully stuffed kulchas with 'cholay', there's no going back to 'bhaturey' or 'jeera rice' after that!
2. Puri Bhaji

A traditional Indian breakfast choice, Puri Bhaji is one of the best food options to savour on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. 'Puris', best paired with dry 'aloo sabzi' is a go-to, easy-to-make dish that most of us love and of course, there's childhood nostalgia attached to it so why not? Pro tip: add kheer to the menu!
3. Khaman Dhokla and Khandvi

Traditionally a Gujrati delicacy, Khaman Dhokla, and Khandvi, both, have gained popularity in the Hindi heartland over the past many years. Light in calories, both are great options for those watching their weighing scales.
4. Pav Bhaji

We don't come across many people who don't enjoy butter-tossed
'Pav(s)' with tangy 'Bhaji', do we? We don't think so! A great option for those who enjoy the Indian street food culture, 'Pav Bhaji' is a millennial's go-to dish! Soft 'Pav' topped with dollops of butter, and dunked in rich tangy gravy makes for a great option to have this Raksha Bandhan.
5. Kadhai Paneer with Dal Makhni and Garlic Naan

Classic Indian combination of Garlic Naan and Dal Makhni with Kadhai Paneer - how can we say no to that! This mouth-watering combination has many fans not only in India but also across the globe!