Raveena Tandon sends defamation notice to man over post on incident involving her driver

Jun 14, 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 14 : Actor Raveena Tandon has sent a defamation notice to a man who made a social media post "disseminating false information" about an incident in which the driver of her car was caught in a scuffle reported outside her residence in Mumbai earlier this month.
As per the Mumbai Police, the incident happened on June 1. While Raveena's driver was reversing a car outside the actor's home, a family that was passing in front of the building's gate started an argument with him. Thinking that the vehicle would hit them, the three women started arguing with the driver.
Hearing the commotion, Raveena Tandon came out of the house and tried to pacify the pedestrians when they scuffled with her.
After arguing for some time both parties dispersed from the spot.
However, after the incident, a video was shared by a social media user who claimed to be a freelance journalist. He levelled certain allegations against Raveena Tandon.
As per the posts shared by Raveena on her Instagram account, the Mumbai Police clarified that the allegations, which accused her of being "drunk", were false.
Raveena Tandon's Lawyer Sana Raees Khan said that recently an attempt was made to embroil the actor "in a false and frivolous complaint which was clarified in CCTV footage" and no complaint was filed.
"However, recently a person claiming to be a journalist is disseminating false information on X regarding the said incident, which is factually incorrect and misleading. This dissemination of false news appears to be a deliberate attempt to tarnish Raveena's reputation for ulterior motives," Sana Raees Khan said.
"The intent behind continuously spreading these falsehoods seems to be rooted in Extortion and a desire to gain cheap publicity at the expense of Raveena's dignity. We are currently taking all necessary legal steps to address this issue and ensure that justice is served and action is taken against him for perpetuating this defamatory campaign," the lawyer added.
The defamation notice sent by Raveena Tandon's legal team to Mohsin Shaikh, who describes himself as a social activist and freelance reporter, mentions the post and says it has "defamed our client without any proof".
Raveena Tandon has sought damages of Rs 100 crore.
"Our client states that the contents of the video uploaded on your handle is not only derogatory but is made to defame our client in public by causing her mental harassment and mental agony in as much as the police investigation has revealed that nothing of that sort ever happened," the defamation notice said.
The notice said that the facts were not verified before making the post and it was not deleted despite being informed of "true and correct facts about the said post as revealed by the police investigation".
The notice said that the post has "defamatory video in as much as it has been subsequently revealed in the investigation and CCTV footages that false allegations were made."
The notice also asks X to "delete all posts mentioning and defaming our client..."
Several members of the film industry including actors Kangana Ranaut among others showed solidarity with Raveena Tandon over the incident.
Kangana took to Instagram and said what happened to Raveena Tandon is absolutely alarming.
"...had there been 5-6 more people in the opposite group, she would have been lynched; we condemn such road rage outbursts; those people must be reprimanded. They must not get away with such violent and poisonous behaviour," she said.