Telangana minister KTR inaugurates first pet crematorium

Dec 06, 2022

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 7 : Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao inaugurated the first pet crematorium in Hyderabad on Tuesday.
Ananta Yatra, the pet crematorium, was jointly executed by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and People for Animals, an NGO working for animal welfare.
KTR inaugurated the crematorium in the presence of other government officials.

Amulya, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of People for Animals said that the pet crematorium is called Ananta Yatra and People can come here with their dogs or inform us and our NGO will pick them up.
"Our founder has dreamt of this for years and it has finally come true with the support of GHMC. The first pet crematorium in the state was inaugurated today at People for Animals at Nagole. In a city like Hyderabad, a lot of people have pets. We are running out of land and space to cremate them. Usually, people are forced to send the pets away with the municipality which ends up in landfills. The PFA has come up with this initiative to provide pet parents to respectfully sent their pets away on their last journey and bid goodbye," she said.

"The pet crematorium is called Ananta Yatra. People can come here with their dogs or inform us and we will pick them up. They will have to donate some amount for the incinerator and upkeep of other equipment," said Amulya.
He further said that KTR has been actively involved in supporting any work that helps animals.
"He has also sped up the process of setting up another animal birth control centre in Peerzadiguda. He has urged the GHMC officials here and made sure the crematorium is upto speed. He along with other government officials had come today to inaugurate this facility," she said.
Speaking on the working and running of PFA she said, "We run ABC (Animal birth control) and rescue centres. We also have a PCA (Prevention of cruelty to animals) wing. Free-roaming dogs are caught and sterilised here. Once they are fine, they are released back to where they came from. We are the only rescue centre in Hyderabad and Secunderabad that cares for free-roaming animals. We mostly take care of dogs and cats sometimes also cattle and monkeys that get injured. GHMC has provided us with this space, buildings and land. We have an MoU with the GHMC. They also pay us for each dog. However, we raise our own funds for rescues."

Mohammad Javeed, a pet lover said that this is the first pet crematorium in Hyderabad.
"There was no place for cremating animals in Telangana, but GHMC has given this place and a crematorium was built here. This has become a place for all pet owners to cremate their pets. All citizens and pet owners are happy for it. It's very good. Many more such crematoriums should come up in Hyderabad," he said,
A pet parent, Sri Harsha said lauded the effort and said that it is a very good idea and initiative that the government has taken up.

"I recently came to know that KTR has inaugurated a crematorium for pets. It is a very good idea and initiative that the government has taken up. It's not only humans that deserve a dignified ritual rite, even pets deserve our love and respect. I also appreciate the work by PFA and GHMC for pets and stray animals. It gives a feeling that our country is about kindness and compassion. Thank you KTR as you've taken up a commendable initiative that gives all pets in Hyderabad decent and respectful last ritual rites," Harsha added.