TheMathCompany is all set to become a flexi-work workplace

Jan 21, 2021

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], January 21(ANI/PRNewswire):
, announced its decision to move to a flexi-work model, offering a choice between work from office (WFO) and work from home (WFH) to current and future employees. As a proactive response to the pandemic and the expected new normal, this has been hailed as a ground-breaking move in the industry, in line with similar setups pursued by tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft, and Google.
TheMathCompany's 500+ employees in Bengaluru, India had earlier transitioned to a WFH model in March, in accordance with the Indian government's lockdown protocols. For the organization, the transition to the WFH format involved the challenge of reconfiguring the entire ecosystem to a virtual setup. To this end, core strengths and operations were identified and redesigned with a focus on continuity: collaborative efforts such as whiteboarding, meetings, and learning sessions were swiftly moved online. Existing best practices and processes in project management, and the use of PM tools, allowed for a relatively smooth transition to the remote working setup, while ensuring that delivery and productivity did not take a backseat. Furthermore, TheMathCompany's previous experience of working and collaborating across geographies allowed it to replicate the same success in the new setup while ensuring continuous value creation for customers. The organization's proprietary AI engine, Co.dx, remained pivotal to driving executional efficiency despite major changes to the organization's way of working and delivering value for customers, by creating highly contextualized applications at speed. Co.dx also continues to serve as an excellent way to collaborate virtually with clients, allowing them complete visibility into TheMathCompany's work and solutions.
As early as March last year, a combination of virtual infrastructure and business continuity planning enabled IT and Information Security to pivot to flexi-working rapidly. Immediate connectivity through Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs) played a significant part in ramping up onboarding from Day 1. Further, VDIs coupled with virtual storage policies ensured that employees suffered zero downtime in the event of system snags.
The organization's defense systems focused in depth on the most vulnerable component of the system-the endpoint. Data protection was further enhanced with the implementation of ATP (Anti-Theft Protection) and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) systems. Despite the disruption caused by the transition, the audit performance found that the company's Information Security Management System compliance performance had, in fact, improved.
The most important factor in the context of security was ensuring security awareness. In-house security training was conducted for all employees much before the lockdown to ensure 360-degree security. All new employees continue to undergo mandatory security training sessions, with early incident reporting strongly encouraged.
While efforts in the first half of 2020 were focused on adapting to the challenges of the WFH situation, the focus then shifted to making the remote work setup not just sustainable but productive. The benefits offered by remote work sped up these efforts: the elimination of long commuting hours for employees, bolstered collaboration and productivity through flexibility, and the opportunity to bring on board the best talent, from across the globe, for customers. TheMathCompany significantly scaled hiring efforts during the year-despite pandemic-induced setbacks in the global job market-and plans to continue expanding its talent pool outside of its Bengaluru HQ to span multiple geographies that were previously out of bounds because of non-remote work restrictions. As its operations continue to expand, the organization aims to add greater value for customers through a manifold increase in talent-driven knowledge, expertise, and diversity. It also continues to clock in 2X year-over-year growth, unfazed by changes in the market and organizational dynamics.
Sayandeb Banerjee, CEO and Co-Founder, said, "The pandemic was a test of how agile we could be in preparing for the unexpected. During the lockdown, we found teleworking to not only be a viable setup we can practice at scale but also one where we can thrive as an organization and deliver immense value to customers. Organizations have had to reimagine ways of working entirely; there is no going back to how things were before. Given the high value and sensitivity of the data we handle every day, we took steps to redesign our tech infrastructure. In addition to a redoubled focus on security, we also chalked out key areas of transformation required for continuous innovation. Our in-house growth accelerator, Co.ach, had, prior to the pandemic, launched multiple programs to ensure virtual and independent upskilling and training. Further investments in the latest tools and technologies will ensure that online learning and working organically develop into sustained practice at TheMathCompany."
He added, "We believe that moving to a flexi-work setup puts the choice of where employees want to work and why-to stay closer to family, away from crowded metros, and so on-entirely in their hands so they don't have to wait out the pandemic to make a definite choice. Sessions on mental health, meditation, and tech detoxing have also seen great success as we continue to prioritize employee health and wellbeing. The fact that we have been able to successfully balance and even bolster creativity, mentorship, innovation, cross-learning, and productivity in the past 9 months and continue to deliver high value for our customers only makes it easier for us to make this move as an organization."
With prevailing uncertainty regarding the return of normalcy in 2021, the move to a flexi-work model was made to stay ahead of the curve and enable decision-making in the long term-supporting employees, customers, and business continuity alike. While options for working from office and utilizing in-house resources will continue to be made available, the organization also aims to delink innovation and collaboration from traditional physical office location setups. Company policies are currently in the process of being revamped to account for this new blended model of working, which will feature flexi-working and cross-learning opportunities. This move is set to aid TheMathCompany in reaching out to new segments of the talent market across the globe as it plans to scale hiring efforts across the India, US, and Europe geographies this year.
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