Three-year-old Hindu boy kidnapped in Pakistan's Sindh

May 26, 2023

Kandhkot [Pakistan], May 27 : The Chief Justice of Sindh High Court took notice of the kidnapping of three-year-old Samrat Kumar from Kandhkot four days ago. Chief Justice Sindh High Court Ahmed Ali M Shaikh has asked the session judge of Kandhkot, IGP Sindh and SSP Kandhkot to submit a report on the incident within two days, Pakistan vernacular media Jasarat reported.
It should be noted that after the abduction of the three-year-old child Samrat Kumar, the kidnappers released a video that showed that the child's hands were tied and he had difficulty eating. A strong reaction was expressed against the kidnapping of an innocent child across the province.

The above screengrab is from the alleged video released by the kidnappers, tweeted by Imdad Soomro (Sehwani) with the caption, "Chief Justice Sindh High Court Justice Ahmad Ali Shaikh took the notice if kidnapping of three years old Hindu boy Samrat Kumar... Directed IG Sindh, SSP Kandhkot and Sessions Judge to submit report."
Imdad Soomro (Sehwani) is an Investigative Correspondent working for one of the leading media houses of Pakistan, The
Moreover, ten people, including a two-year-old girl, the aforementioned three-year-old child, and a woman, are in possession of robbers in the Kandhkot district. Within a few months, seven policemen, including an inspector, were killed by dacoits and more than 10 policemen were seriously injured. Kandhkot police could not free the innocent Samrat Kumar from the clutches of the kidnappers, and the Hindu community gave a call for agitation, as reported by Pakistan vernacular media Jasarat.
According to the details, a few days ago armed men on a motorcycle kidnapped Samrat Kumar in front of his house in the Mizranpur area of Kandhkot city. The political and social organizations of the city, including the Hindu community, are constantly protesting. The police have not been able to do anything to recover the innocent child.
There are more than 30 people abducted from the district. On the call of the Hindu Panchayat against the kidnapping of three-year-old Samrat Kumar and against the growing insecurity in the district, political and social leaders and hundreds of citizens, including Chaudhary Dewan Lal, Mehr Chand, Dilip Kumar Thakur, Tulsidas, Hafiz Nasrullah Chana, Zarit Bejarani, Ghulam Mustafa Mirani, under the leadership of Ashok Kumar, Santosh Aggarwal, Raj Khanna, Sajjad Brohi, Shahnawaz Marhito, Haji Altaf Hussain Bhangwar and others, protested from Dil Tower Chowk in the city by raising banners with the picture of the innocent child, Pakistan vernacular media Jasarat reported.
The protesters reached the DC office and sat down at the main gate of the office. Addressing the sit-in and talking to the media, the leaders said that the work of the police is zero. The police are completely silent.
Bandits are committing acts without any fear and kidnapping innocent children, because of this their business is also affected. Earlier the business class used to go to shops but now they are going to protest for peace every day. The women were robbed by the peddlers, Pakistan vernacular media Jasarat reported.
For not paying the ransom there was a murderous attack on the shopkeeper. But now innocent children are being abducted, which is very depressing. Where do they go? How long will they endure this cruelty? We are protesting and appealing to the higher authorities with the help of the media to recover all the abductees including the innocent Samrat Kumar and restore peace. On this occasion, DC Manoor Ali Mithiani came to the main gate of the sit-in and talked to the police officers regarding the rescue of all the abductees, including the innocent Samrat Kumar, after which the sit-in was ended.
On the other hand, the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court has taken notice of the kidnapping incident of innocent Samrat Kumar. IG Sindh Police, District Sessions Judge, and SSP have been asked for a report in two days.