Tibetans, monks forced to move away for Chinese power plant construction

May 19, 2022

Beijing [China], May 19 : China's oppression over Tibet continues to be a cause of worry for Tibetans as the residents of a Tibetan village in northwestern China's Qinghai province accompanied by monks living in a nearby monastery are being forced to move away from their homes to pave way for a government-ordered hydropower station.
According to sources Radio Free Asia reported, the Chinese government had authorized the construction of the power plant in Qinghai. Post an investigation into the viability of the project which concluded in the previous year December, a company named Machu was assigned to take over to supervise the project.
Discontented monks at Atsok Gon Dechen Choekhor Ling monastery in Tsolho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture have filed a petition to the Chinese officials to revoke the order of the construction of the hydropower station, stated a Tibetan resident of the region.
"But the Chinese local supervisor and other authorities have been visiting the Tibetans and warning them to relocate regardless of the cost," reported an RFA source, wishing to remain anonymous owing to security reasons.
"Monks from the monastery are also being summoned for meetings and ordered to agree to the relocation," added the source.
Earlier, there have been frequent scuffles between Chinese officials and the Tibetans regarding Chinese development projects. Tibetans have accused Chinese organizations and local officials of illegal land seizures, disrupting the lives of local Tibetan people, reported Radio Free Asia.
Many Chinese projects have resulted in violent suppression and even the detention of project organizers. In addition, intense pressure was imposed upon local populations to adhere to the wishes of the Chinese government.