UP govt issues guidelines for private coaching institutes over safety of girls, prohibits late evening classes

Nov 21, 2023

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], November 21 : As part of the Safe City project, the Uttar Pradesh government issued guidelines for private coaching institutes over the safety of girls prohibiting late evening classes.
Additionally, private coaching institutes in these cities are being closely monitored to prevent the gathering of troublemakers and incidents of molestation.
With the objective of ensuring the safety of women, children, and senior citizens, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanat-led Uttar Pradesh government has implemented the Safe City Project, enhancing surveillance through CCTV at the entry and exit points of 17 municipal corporations, as well as government and non-government schools, colleges, madrassas, and universities in Gautam Buddha Nagar.
As per a government release, under the Safe City Project, 17 municipal corporations and 2500 schools of Gautam Buddha Nagar were identified by the state government for installation of CCTV cameras.
Out of these, CCTVs are being installed in 1,692 schools while the work of installing them in the remaining schools is going on war footing.
A total of 26,568 CCTVs have been installed in these institutions. These include 68 recognized government schools, 646 aided schools and 1786 unaided schools. CCTVs have been installed in these schools' classrooms, corridors, and entry and exit gates, the release said.
While 866 cameras have been installed in 418 coaching institutes, the process of installing cameras is going on in the remaining 188 coaching institutes. These CCTV cameras are being integrated with the control room of the smart city by the Urban Development Department.
Under the project, 5,505 cameras were installed in 162 higher educational institutions. These include 21 state degree/PG colleges, 85 aided degree/PG colleges, 49 unaided degree/PG colleges and 7 state universities. This does not include the regional office of Lucknow and colleges under Lucknow University.
In addition, a guideline was issued by the Yogi government regarding concrete arrangements for the safety of girls, in which coaching institutes have been assigned the responsibility of ensuring the safety of girls from the time of their arrival till their departure.
The guidelines specify that coaching institutes should not conduct classes for girls after a certain time in the evening, allowing them to reach home on time.
Furthermore, due to the incidents of fire in coaching institutes, the guidelines instruct institutes to ensure adequate security measures, including operating in a secure building, to deal with fire-related situations.