WATCH: Husky snuggles and cuddles with toddler

Jun 28, 2022

New Delhi [India], June 28 : Are you having a bad day and in need of some respite? Look no further! Take a look at an adorable video that has now gone viral on social media - a dog hugging a toddler in bed!
A video uploaded by an Instagram account that goes by the name @Milperthusky shows a giant husky hugging a little boy as he sleeps in bed. Check it out:
The video that has over 385k views on Instagram, continues to melt hearts.
Milperthusky is an Instagram account run by the Wallman Family of Manchester. The family keeps sharing photos and videos of their Husky's day-to-day activities. But the bond between the family's toddler and the dog takes the cake. They earlier shared an adorable video montage showcasing the ever-growing bond between the two! It begins with their son Parker's first meeting with their dog.
Check it out:
What do you think of their paw-dorable bond?