Wild tuskers attack elephant Surya in Bandhavgarh, leaves him injured

Dec 04, 2022

Bandhavgarh, (Madhya Pradesh) [India], December 4 : An elephant named Surya was grievously injured inside the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve after being attacked by a group of wild tuskers inside the national park.
Lavit Bharti, deputy director of the Bandhavgarh Reserve, said that the injured elephant was immediately shifted to another camp for security reasons, and is being treated by a team of veterinary doctors.
The incident has come off as a surprise at the reserve, which is famous for its natural beauty.
The elephant at the time of the attack was at the Ba Mera Camp of the Tiger Reserve, when wild tuskers arrived at the camp and suddenly made a go at Surya.
The mahout and other people present at the camp made a lot of noise to ward off the wild elephants after which the group returned towards the jungle leaving an injured Surya behind.
The Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve authorities were informed about the incident. They arrived at the spot with a team of doctors and treatment of the injured animal was initiated.
Ointments were applied on Surya's injuries and the elephant was administered antibiotics and painkillers.
Surya's Mahout was also instructed to massage the injured elephant.
Surya was given rest for the day and was also shifted out of the Ba Mera Camp to Tala Camp of the reserve, amid fears that the wild tuskers might return to attack him again.
According to Bharti, the movement of wild elephants in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve has increased recently with different herds moving across the forest.