"Yesteryear's grace is now lost": Ranjeet reminisces elegance in Bollywood's bygone era

Apr 03, 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 3 : Veteran Bollywood actor Ranjeet has expressed his concern over the increasing trend of "vulgarity and inappropriate" content in films and web series on OTT platforms.
In a recent interview with ANI, Ranjeet revealed that, despite being in the entertainment industry, he has watched only a handful of web series during the COVID-19 pandemic.
"And during COVID times, will you believe me if I say I have only seen two to three web series? Two were English historical and one Indian. I didn't watch other projects," he remarked.
The 'Laawaris' actor went on to critique the prevalent use of explicit language and scenes in movies, stating that it often leads to discomfort in front of family members and staff.
"Nowadays, there is vulgarity and inappropriate language used in the movies that make you embarrassed in front of your staff and family members," he expressed.
He also expressed dismay at the prevalence of molestation scenes and item numbers sandwiched between shots in contemporary films.
"What is all happening in the ads as well in this country, they are showing gambling in the ads. I am ashamed," he said.
The 82-year-old veteran star contrasted this with the item numbers of the bygone era, particularly the 80s, where veteran actors like Waheeda Rehman, Helen, and Bindu performed with grace and artistry.

"Earlier during the 80s, there were item numbers in which Waheeda Rehman ji, Helen ji, and Bindu ji used to perform and they had grace in what they did. They were all trained in whatever they did and it was an art. Their dresses were also not revealing," he recalled nostalgically.

Despite acknowledging the industry's challenges, Ranjeet remains steadfast in his craft. Whether in leading roles or cameos, he adds depth to every project, garnering admiration from peers and fans. His five-decade journey attests to his unwavering dedication.
From menacing villains to nuanced characters, his versatility defines Hindi cinema. Classics like 'Sharmeelee,' 'Namak Haraam,' and 'Laawaris' showcase his talent. His commanding presence and unique voice captivate generations, cementing his legacy.

Recently, he portrayed supporting roles in 'Housefull 4' (2019) and 'Welcome Back' (2015), further solidifying his status as a Bollywood stalwart.