Young actors from BRICS+ nations to undergo professional training at theatre university in Russia

Apr 18, 2024

Moscow [Russia], April 18 This year several young cinema and drama theatre artists from the BRICS+ nations will receive professional training in Moscow.
This is a new programme in the InteRussia internship cycle of the Gorchakov Foundation for Public Diplomacy, developed in the year of Russia's BRICS Chairmanship in cooperation with the TV BRICS International Media Network and the Russian Institute of Theatre Art - GITIS, reported by TV BRICS.
Representatives of India, China, South Africa, Egypt, Argentina, Venezuela, and Cuba were among the first to indicate their interest in enrolling in the course.
Sharing more details about it, Janna Tolstikov, CEO of TV BRICS said, "TV BRICS has an extensive network of cultural and educational partners in the BRICS+ countries. Given the high interest and sincere respect of foreign colleagues for Russia's creative achievements, we offered to hold an internship for young theatre and film actors."
She added, "The Beijing Film Academy, the Central Academy of Dramatic Art and University of Communication of China, the Bangalore University Film Academy from India, Lefra Productions, the largest theatre event organiser in South Africa, the Higher Institute of Cinematography of Egypt, the Cesar Rengifo Children and Youth Theatre from Venezuela, the Bicentenario Theatre of Argentina, and the Institute of Cinematography of Cuba have already been invited to participate. This large-scale international information and communication project is aimed at strengthening global humanitarian co-operation."
She also highlighted that today more than 20 higher education institutions, the same number of international film festivals, as well as governmental authorities, large public and non-profit organisations cooperate with the media network in different BRICS+ countries.
The internship will take place from August 26 to September 22. One can apply by June 14. The programme is designed for young professionals from 21 to 35 years old - senior students of theatre and film schools, educational institutions for acting, and professional actors from BRICS+ countries.
GITIS teachers will conduct training on acting and stage movement, tell the history of Russian theatre and about the creative path of the famous director and teacher Konstantin Stanislavsky, his system and students. The lectures are expected to be delivered by Mikhail Chumachenko, Artistic Director of the Moscow Regional Drama and Comedy Theatre, director, and Grigory Zaslavsky, Rector of GITIS, Honoured Art Worker of Russia. The internship participants will also be able to attend performances in the capital's theatres.
Grigory Zaslavsky, Rector of GITIS, said, "BRICS is a new and traditional direction for GITIS, because, for example, we have long-standing creative ties with the leading theatre schools of China and India. We are now opening up theatre spaces in other countries of the association and expect to hold the first GITIS school in Brazil in 2024. "
"We know how worthily the Gorchakov Foundation represents Russia on the international stage, so we value their support and cooperation in organising the internship. And thanks to one of our most reliable and kind partners TV BRICS, with whom we work in many areas, the upcoming creative project will surely be known in all countries of the association," Grigory added.
The InteRussia internship cycle was launched in 2021 by the Gorchakov Foundation. The mission of the project is to strengthen and deepen scientific, social and cultural ties, create conditions for constructive dialogue between young specialists of Russia and foreign countries.
"InteRussia's theatre arts internship is a new direction we are excited to start working in. Theatre acts as one of Russia's instruments of soft power. The schools of Stanislavsky, Nemirovich-Danchenko and other distinguished Russian theatre directors are known far beyond the borders of our country and are included in classical textbooks all over the world. At the same time, the art of theatre itself has an incredible emotional potential, uniting people of different nations, religious affiliation and cultural traditions. We hope that our internship will confirm this," said Victoria Karsliyeva, Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Foundation.
The Gorchakov Foundation for the Support of Public Diplomacy was established by order of the President of Russia in February 2010 to promote the formation of a favourable public, political and business climate abroad for the Russian Federation.