All Nippon Airways explores Ehime's charm

Feb 04, 2023

Tokyo (Japan), Feb 04 (ANI): Japan's archipelago features a variety of tourist destinations on both the mainland and Other islands. All Nippon Airways, or ANA, contributes to connecting those attractive spots by flight. Shikoku, one of the islands, has a very appealing tourism spot in Ehime Prefecture. It charms and satisfies visitors. Kimono, an influencer with 1.4 million followers, Mom and her family come to Ehime. Ehime is well-known for its mandarin orange production. At the airport, this water supply supplies mandarin orange juice. Sayuri Kurokawa is an ANA cabin attendant and a good informant of Ehime’s charm. She also has a job on a mandarin orange farm. ANA intends to grow mandarin oranges under its control and supply their juice on flights. Ehime has its famous local cooking, "seabream and rice." Ehime has the island for a farm of sea bream (Uwajima Island). That meal provides enjoyment of raw fish, white rice, and Japanese soup (dashi). They are the substance of Japanese cooking's taste. Kimono Mom is moving to Matsuyama Castle by lift. Matsuyama Castle has a castle town that was built before the Edo period in the 17th century. It is surrounded by a 10-meter-high stone wall, and its site is 4,500 square meters. Old, tough, and vast are the characteristics of Matsuyama Castle. "Shimanami Kaido" is a 60-kilometer road on the bridge connecting Hiroshima Pref. and Ehime Pref., Imabari city. Cars and bicycles can run on the road, and riders enjoy the big landscape below the Seto Inland Sea. Every day, the tides in the Seto Inland Sea change by four feet. This whirling tide produced a historical event. It provided a significant advantage to local pirates in the 14th century. Ehime’s charm is enhanced by her active performance and bold challenges. Kimono Mom’s family got a big harvest to share exciting experiences among parent and child.