Bangladesh Islami Front rejects ‘India Out’ campaign, calls for closer Delhi-Dhaka relations

Feb 21, 2024

New Delhi, February 20 (ANI): Bangladesh's far-right political party Bangladesh Islami Front has completely rejected a recent 'India Out' social media campaign in Bangladesh. The campaign has sharpened after Sheikh Hasina, who is seen to be close to India, won a record fourth term in the recently concluded national elections. S U M Abdus Samad, the Secretary General of the Bangladesh Islami Front on Feb 20 hit out at the online campaign especially saying it was driven by hard-line elements who spread hate and misinformation. The Islami front is a small independent party that had put up 37 candidates in the recently concluded polls. In an interview with ANI during his visit to New Delhi, Abdus Samad said cordial ties are crucial for both the neighboring countries as he highlighted the increased connectivity in recent years. “There has been misinformation there since the beginning that India brought a lot of stuff from Bangladesh in 1971 and also did brutal acts. This kind of misinformation is there. So it is a must for India to show that we are not against Bangladesh, but we are friends”, said Samad. In Bangladesh, an “India Out” campaign has sparked off on social media. Led by medical professional Pinaki Bhattacharya, who describes himself as an exiled blogger, online activist, and human rights defender, the campaign called for the boycott of Indian goods following the results of the elections.