Bihar: Rajdhani Jalashay buzzes with migratory birds in Patna

Nov 24, 2022

Patna (Bihar), Nov 24 (ANI): The Rajdhani Jalashay, spread across 12 acres in the secretariat complex of Patna, has turned out to be buzzing these days with the arrival of indigenous migrant birds. Overseas birds started migrating to Rajdhani Jalashay as soon as chilly climate started. Gadwall found in Asia, Indonesia, Europe, North America and North Africa, Russia, China and Australian Coot or Common Coot found in Asia, Australia, New Zealand has migrated to the reservoir with Garganey which migrates to South Africa, India, Bangladesh and Australasia from central and southern England, Ferruginous duck or White Eyed Pochard of Eurosiberia. More than 20 species of native and foreign birds are currently there in the reservoir. The Rajdhani Jalashay is home for more than 4,000 species of birds. These birds migrate every year during the period of end of October to February. Forest and Environment Department have made all the arrangements in park for the birds. Adequate measurements have been taken for birds to live in the reservoir. We are trying to get information about maximum number of birds this time, said Forest and Environment Department officer Shashikant Kumar.