Casio opens virtual G-SHOCK Store

Feb 22, 2024

Tokyo (Japan), Feb 21 (ANI): G-SHOCK is a water and shock resistance watch launched four decades ago by Casio. Since then, the Japanese company has been creating innovative G-SHOCK models for its customers. Casio has now opened a virtual G-SHOCK STORE space, called a "world" in the metaverse, to encourage a culture of outfitting avatars with timepieces, building on the strong support G-SHOCK enjoys from users for its shock resistance and unique designs. Virtual reality G-SHOCK offers the option to customers to personalise the original G-SHOCK with an avatar. The strongest point of G-SHOCK is its toughness. Participants in the virtual reality world can witness its resilience in a variety of environments, including the sea, mountains, and space. Based on 40 years of functional development and marketing efforts, G-SHOCK will gain more admirers worldwide in the near future.