“Combination of BrahMos on Sukhoi Su-30 enhanced India’s firepower…” Chief of Air Staff VR Chaudhari

May 31, 2023

New Delhi, May 31 (ANI): The combination of BrahMos on Sukhoi Su-30 has given India tremendous capability that enhanced the firepower of the nation, said Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari on May 31. “As one of our most lethal air-combat assets, the BrahMos supersonic missile has really galvanised the way we will equip ourselves with precision firepower in the coming years. Seeing the conflicts that are happening across the globe, the importance of precision, and long-range firepower can’t be underscored. The combination of BrahMos on the Sukhoi Su-30 has really given us a tremendous capability that has enhanced our firepower. It has made the deterrence value of the IAF go up by leaps and bounds,” he said at the BrahMos User Meet 2023 in Delhi.