Cooperative, objective, non-politicized: India’s believes over Council’s functioning at UNHRC

Mar 23, 2023

Geneva (Switzerland), Mar 23 (ANI): Amid the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, India at the United Nations Human Rights Council also stressed upon its shortcomings and deliberated on the ways to strengthen and reform them. Permanent Mission of India Counsellor Pawan Badhe on March 22 in Switzerland’s Geneva kept forward India’s believes over the Council’s functioning and said that it needs to function in a cooperative, objective, non-confrontational, and non-politicized manner. “India strongly believes that the Council needs to function in a cooperative, objective, non-confrontational and non-politicized manner. It is important that the Council focuses on creating a conducive environment, both at the national and the global levels, under which States are encouraged and enabled to fulfill their human rights obligations,” Badhe said. “We believe that enhancement of the capacity of States through technical assistance and capacity building measures, in consultation with and with the consent of the States concerned and creative use of UPR mechanism are the best ways towards improving the human rights situation around the world,” he added. “We hope that the Council and its institutions should work constructively towards global goal of promotion and protection of human rights,” he further added. The remakes were made at an intervention during the 52nd Session of the UNHRC.