Exhibition of rare manuscripts, books depicting rich past in Srinagar

Nov 29, 2022

Srinagar, Nov 29 (ANI): An exhibition of rare manuscripts and books depicted the centuries-old rich past of Kashmir. It was organised by the Department of Libraries in Shri Pratap Singh (SPS) Library in Srinagar. The purpose of the exhibition was to make people aware about the rich past of Kashmir. During the exhibition, the authorities also displayed some religious books including the Holy Quran and Holy Ramayana written by hand on specific paper that were written hundreds of years ago. The condition of the books and other manuscripts are still good. A good number of visitors especially youths visited to get knowledge about rare and centuries-old manuscripts and other historical items. Kashmir has 5,000-7,000 years of old-aged rich cultural history. Even in the modern-day world, the cultures, traditions and, heritages hold significance across the world. Rare manuscripts have also their own importance and always attracted people. Such types of unique exhibitions also increased the general knowledge of common people, history lovers, especially students. That’s why, youths throng to such exhibitions.