Far-flung villages in J&K’s Doda achieve 100% vaccination

Jun 12, 2021

Doda (J&K), June 12 (ANI): Many villages in Doda district achieved 100% COVID vaccination. Administration is taking efforts to vaccinate people in far flung villages were health workers traveled 4 to 5 hours on foot in mountainous terrains. According to CMO Doda Dr Yakoob Mir, “Doda has been divided into 5 health Blocks, Gundoh, Assar ,Thathri ,Baderwah and Gath. We have almost vaccinated more than 80% in four blocks. Also many of the far flung villages have been vaccinated 100% . Health workers had to travel in foot for many hours to reach these far flung villages”. Around 1200-1300 tests are being conducted on daily basis mainly in the containment zones and in various special camps to track down the suspected cases to curb the transmission.