"Janta Moye Moye Kar Degi…” Rajnath Singh invokes viral meme tone to jab INDIA bloc

Apr 03, 2024

Ghaziabad (UP), April 03 (ANI): In a dig at the INDIA bloc, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said the alliance cannot face the NDA or BJP in the Lok Sabha elections as "desh ki janta moye moye kar degi" (the people will make the Opposition come a cropper in the elections).Campaigning for the seven-phased general elections in Ghaziabad, in favour of sitting MLA AND BJP candidate Atul Garg, Singh said the Opposition bloc will struggle to weigh up and face the NDA in the Lok Sabha elections." Several Opposition parties came together to fight and defeat the BJP. However, you can all see that this is an alliance of convenience of some self-seeking Opposition leaders. However, they can't even face up to the NDA even if they are united. Iss desh ki janata iska bhi moye moye kar degi (the people will make the Opposition come a cropper in the elections)," the minister said.The viral 'moye moye' trend caught on from a Serbian song that gained massive traction on TikTok and subsequently spread to various social media platforms. The hit song 'Moye More', was officially released by the name of 'Dzanum', by Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dora. The lyrics of the song hint at anguish, despair and nightmares. However, in India, netizens set the song along with their hilarious Instagram reels and memes on other social media platforms.