JCB unveils exclusive offers for foreigners visiting Hokkaido

Apr 03, 2024

Hokkaido (Japan), April 03 (ANI): Hokkaido Island in Japan attracts around 27 million foreign visitors annually. Tourists from various countries, such as the USA, Australia, and Canada, are lured to Hokkaido to experience the unique charm of each season. Recently, the Japanese credit card company JCB has introduced attractions and benefits on a dedicated website for foreigners visiting Hokkaido. Visitors can also discover the rich history, vibrant handicrafts, and dynamic natural landscapes of Hokkaido, including iconic landmarks like Goryokaku Tower and more. Hokkaido's hospitality spans the vast island, offering tourists diverse experiences throughout their visit. JCB's hospitality encompasses all the amenities of the vast Hokkaido Island. Through its partnerships and initiatives, JCB strives to elevate the travel experience for tourists visiting Hokkaido from around the globe.