Kashmiri designers make history at Bombay Times Fashion Week with Eco-Friendly collection

May 24, 2024

Srinagar (J&K), May 24 (ANI): Three Kashmiri fashion designer youths, Arwa Shah, Mir Manal, and Armaan Asif, participated in the Bombay Times Fashion Week for the first time, representing Kashmir. This marked a historic moment as it was the first time someone from Kashmir had participated in this prestigious fashion event. The designers conceptualized a unique collection that took months of meticulous planning and sourcing of materials. Despite facing challenges and moments of doubt, their unwavering motivation to reach the Times platform propelled them forward. The collection itself served as a form of performance art, aimed at raising awareness about environmental issues. These garments were not intended for daily wear but rather to convey a powerful message of environmental protection and highlight the detrimental impact of human consumption. Showcased by SSMD School of Design, the collection challenged conventional notions of modern fashion by demonstrating how inexpensive and discarded materials such as egg trays, paper foil plates, ribbons, cement bags, polythene, used combs, upcycled umbrellas, jute sack rice bags, and metal keys could be transformed into high-end fashion pieces. This collection exemplified the fact that fashion does not necessitate a high price tag and can still captivate audiences on a limited budget. Kashmir's representation on such a prominent platform was a significant milestone, drawing attention to the pressing issue of environmental degradation through innovative fashion. The ultimate goal was to foster greater awareness and encourage more sustainable fashion choices among this influential demographic. From plastic bags to old newspapers, they managed to transform discarded materials into stunning garments that wowed the audience. Through their unique and thought-provoking designs, these young Kashmiri designers have set a new standard for eco-friendly fashion and have inspired others to think outside the box when it comes to creating sustainable clothing.