Kerala's transgender couple become parents, father and baby are healthy

Feb 08, 2023

Kozhikode (Kerala), Feb 08 (ANI): A transgender couple in Kerala’s Kozhikode blessed with a baby at the Kozhikode Medical College hospital. The transman Sahad gave birth to a baby on February 08. Both Sahad and the baby are healthy and under observation in ICU, said Sahad’s partner Ziya Paval. Sahad got his breasts removed after decided to become a man. So the couple is sourcing breast milk for the baby from the breast milk bank attached to the hospital. The new parents also decided not to reveal the sex of the new born baby. Ziya Paval, a transwoman, is in an elated mood and said it is the happiest day in her life. “I express thanks to all who extended support,” she said.