Lakshadweep Coconut industry seeks geographical tag for enhanced market access

Apr 13, 2024

Androth (Lakshadweep), April 13 (ANI): Lakshadweep has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first Union Territory to be declared 100% organic, following in the footsteps of Sikkim. This achievement signifies that all agricultural practices in Lakshadweep are carried out without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Despite this milestone, the coconut-based industry in Lakshadweep is facing challenges, particularly concerning transportation and market recognition. Mohammed Altaf Hussain, the owner of a coconut oil brand, highlighted the importance of improving transportation facilities to mainland markets and securing a geographical tag for pure coconut oil produced in Lakshadweep. Hussain emphasized that the unique geographical features of Lakshadweep naturally yield the purest coconuts, making the region ideal for organic coconut oil production. He suggested that a geographical tag would enhance the marketability of Lakshadweep's coconut products, attracting more buyers and increasing sales both domestically and internationally. However, despite the organic status, Hussain expressed concern that Lakshadweep's coconut farmers are not reaping significant benefits from this designation. He urged the government to address these issues by providing support and publicity to ensure that the organic declaration translates into tangible advantages for the local farming community.