"Moscow longevity" project bringing active life for older generation

Jul 07, 2022

Moscow (Russia), July 07, 2022, (ANI / TV BRICS): The "Moscow longevity" programme operates in the capital. It is Europe’s largest educational and health project for the older generation. The classes are absolutely free which available in 30 directions in each capital's district. One of the most popular styles is stage dance. Here they learn the entire ballroom program that include Viennese and slow waltz, tango, Latin American dances, samba, jive and cha-cha-cha. In this hall they dance with a smile. Dancing is a cure for depression and anxiety. Those who dance have 46% fewer problems with the heart and blood vessels. The program includes regular free classes in parks, master classes and competitions. The project involves active, creative and energetic muscovites.