Moscow State Museum of Oriental Art opens exhibition-‘Dhokra’

Dec 08, 2022

Moscow (Russia), Dec 08 (ANI/TV BRICS): Tabla, harmonium and folk tunes-classical Indian art surrounded by statuettes of Krishna, Manasa and Jagannatha. This is how the Moscow State Museum of Oriental Art opens the exhibition "Dhokra: the heavenly and the earthly in the traditional bronze of Indian tribes". Dhokra is a traditional Indian technique of bronze casting using the "lost wax" method, i.e casting in moulds. The exhibits at the present exhibition are items from the international journalist Sergey Karmalito's personal collection. He has worked in India since 1978. Today's exhibition brings together 304 items from his collection from statuettes of gods and beasts to pendants and door handles. The indologist has been collecting all this for over 40 years. The exhibition occupies two halls. In the first one, the viewer is introduced to images of people & gods. In the other, one observes the wildlife. So every piece in the Dhokra technique is unique. It's impossible to single out the "main" exhibits from the huge collection. But the rarest ones can be named. These usually include large size sculptures. Sergey Karmalito intends to present some of the items at the exhibition to the Museum of Oriental Art, so that the Russians stay acquainted with the art of Dhokra not only within the framework of the exhibition, but also years later.