Moscow’s Product Testing Facility

Mar 28, 2023

Moscow (Russia), March 28 (ANI/ TV BRICS): Behind this window is a micro-climate of its own. The "meteorologist" unit tells you to expect variable clouds and occasional rain. However, there are sprinklers instead of clouds and an ultraviolet lamp instead of the sun. Plaster, varnish, paint, carbon and fibreglass, all things have an expiry date – and the staff at this centre can find out how long. Hundreds of experiments with prototypes are carried out here, corroding them, breaking them down into substances and testing their strength. Under the onslaught of 60 kilos the spectacle case starts to crack. After a couple of minutes, it turns into a pancake. Mechanical testing is particularly popular at the centre. Though, the prototypes usually look a little different, instead of the finished product - a heel of a shoe or a child's construction set item, there are sticks like this fixed in the mechanism. The production prototypes are materials for the textile, construction and even aeronautical industries, industries where quality is a priority. Businesses of all sizes are rushing to try out their wares: more than 30,000 experiments of all kinds took place at the centre last year. At the end of the material examination process, the company receives a detailed test report. A document full of analytical data and photographs of experiments is a guarantee for both the manufacturer and the buyer: you can rest assured, nothing will happen to this product.